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GvC Amsterdam

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Training & Internships

Every Disciple

The way Jesus trained his disciples is the way we train each other in Amsterdam.

Those who are able to help more people closer to God and serve them in a faitflul and timely way, need the support, the tools and the encouragement to be able to do so.

We constantly evaluate and talk about who can meet the needs and encourge every member to actively persue the gifts God has given them.

Our guidance from the scriptures is that if it brings others closer to God and it brings us closer together, it should get supported and encouraged. (Matthew 22:37-40)

Ministry Interns

Those who are effective in their ministry and help many in their relationship with God and others, may desire to do this full-time.

We support this by having a more mature, experienced and already full-time couple become mentors and trainers of those who want to go full-time.

The most effective way to be trained, is to "walk" together and learn together, just like Jesus did. We use the gospel of Matthew as our primary guidance and training "manual". This provides us with a perfect "curriculum" to train and teach but also to measure our growth.

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