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Work in
Amsterdam / Randstad

Christian Professionals

Amsterdam/Randstad is known for its culture of international business and innovation. It attracts the best talent from around the world, and for good reason. This environment, and the talented, ambitious people that embody it, influence the global economy with an emphasis on innovation and accomplishment.

In the midst of this competitive climate, it’s comforting knowing that there is an equally ambitious spiritual group of professionals. We are making each other better through powerful friendships, understanding that we can actually enrich our lives by applying Biblical principles to every area. At home or at work, national or international. In the boardroom or in our dining room

Working in or close to Amsterdam means that you are central to 17+ million people and a couple of hours away from the German Ruhr/Rhine area with another concentration of 21+ million people. You are also 3 hours from Brussels and only 5 from Berlin and Paris to name a few.

In short… You are centrally located in the most energetic and innovative area of Europe.

Central in Europe

No wonder most international corporations from all over the globe use this region as their European home base. To top it all off - the region is not only about the size and density of New York City, but is beautifully endowed with parks, flower farms and historical buildings and castles. Who says urban living has to be ugly and cold?

It is like living in a city that is also a park at the same time! No wonder, quality of life goes hand in hand with efficiency, innovation and high productivity here.

So the Amsterdam region is home to many large multi national corporations for a good reason. Most everyone speaks English and it is centrally located in the heart of one of the most industrious areas of the world.

Church Professionals

We actively support spiritual programs and Bible studies for professionals in order to enrich their lives and be the best in their field of work as faithful Christians.

Central Globally

Flying in or out of Amsterdam is easy and fun for international travelers. The airport itself is a shopping and entertainment hub. Many companies hold international business meetings at the airport due to the high quality restaurants and hotels available, especially behind the security zone.

It is one of the most well connected airports, with direct flights to Asia, Africa and the America’s and is only a short (taxi or train) ride from Amsterdam central.


There are several organizations offering services to help you find answers.

First and foremost, you will want to learn anything about the city, the culture, work and study here: